Financial Services Client Case Study

At the time KeyMedia Solutions began working with the client, a local financial lender, they were running all of their online campaigns in-house. As a local financial lender, the main objective was to increase the number of loan applications through their website.


Google AdWords was the only source of referrals (Advertising efforts) for their services.


Increase the number of loan applications through their website by improving their overall CTR (Click Through Rate), which was already strong at 6.06%


In order to achieve our goal of increasing the client’s CTR, we began by deleting low quality, irrelevant keywords and adding negative keywords. We then began to examine the client’s Google Analytics data to improve the number of conversions they were seeing through their site. We did this by running extensive keywords research and developing a new landing page for the client.

Additional implemented optimizations included:

          • Creation of Mobile ads
          • Including ads with dynamic keyword insertions
          • Dayparting
          • Variation of matching types
          • Including Site-Link extensions and phone extensions
          • Geotargeting and testing of different markets.

Campaign Results

After all of the changes were implemented in the ad campaign and on the website, we were able track and report dramatic improvements across multiple key data points for the client.

We were able to improve the client’s CRT from 6.06% to 7.03% over the course of a few months. With our optimizations to the CTR and landing page, we were able to increase the amount of loan applications through their website from 48 to 166 conversions per month – all with the same budget.

                                                        Campaign Overview


Client KeyMedia Solutions Difference









Cost Per Conversion $37.21 $8.51


Conversion Rate

8.10% 32.49% 301.11%
Total Monthly Conversions 48 166